Sunday, 13 March 2011

Studio is open

Well my little studio is up and running, hooray :-) which means I am exhausted, happy but exhausted, oh and certainly broke too!
The past few months have been mainly Power yoga focused which has tightened my shoulders up a bit, I am playing around a lot with arm balances... LOVE THEM, but not so great for shoulders.

Today I practiced Primary, it was pleasant actually, it felt quite soft, I still can't jump through, but then I haven't been trying to. All my binds are still there in the Marichis and interestingly could touch fingers in Supta K which I never previously. But then I have gotten quite skinny of late, doesnt that just suck, that more progress is made through being busy and losing weight and not even practicing an asana then when I was trying every day to get my fingers together!

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Ah yes posting, now I have a blog again, Im supposed to do that aren't I? Yoga this week has not been astounding, the kids were on holiday for half term, I also had 3 weeks off due to a septic bite in my hand from a cat!!!!

Anyway I did get 5 decent practices in, 1 self free style practice, 2 with Marks dvds and 2 ashtanga Primary.

Its important to me whilst so close to opening the True Power Yoga studio to practice with Marks dvds as often as I can so I really feel I have absorbed his ideas into my teaching.

The primary is a new return for me, I stopped Ashtanga for a couple of years due to various things including a shoulder injury which jumpbacks really irrated, anyway the funny thing I don't seem to have lost my Maric D bind which I was sure I would have. Basically my primary is no further forward but has lost nothing, aside from the strength asanas which I have gained such as Bujanpindasana which previously I could not do, however I cannot jump into. Curious!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

So where did all the bloggers go

Ok so during my 2 years absence from the blogosphere, mainly due to hubby being ill but also I had an irritating blog pest all the bloggers seem to have gone. Was there a cull? Or have we all gone ADD and switched to Twitter, where you can spew thoughts in 140 characters or less


I gave up caffeine,which has to be amongst the best things I have EVER done and became a vegetarian, which in truth I am still struggling with. I really bloody miss salmon

Ok so where were we

Well the past few years have been fun, lets skip the boring bits and get to the fun parts, in March I went on a fabulous trip to LA to train with a lovely guy called Mark Blanchard and his wife Elizabeth. Which was both fabulous and surreal.

Oh and I am opening a studio, yey :-)

I still practice Ashtanga, but kinda naughty style without rules... sorry and Power yoga

First return post

Back again